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How Schoon Chiropractic Will Help You


We come to work every day to help people like you reclaim pain-free living.  YOU are the reason we exist!  We will find a way to make you better!!

How Your Case is Unique and Matters


No one is like you and you need a doctor who SPENDS TIME getting to know exactly what your challenges are.

How We Use Multiple Approaches to Best Care for You


Besides a number of highly effective treatment techniques, Schoon Chiropractic has top of the line therapy technology not available in the vast majority of clinics.


Do You Have Arthritis?


Don't believe that arthritis is inevitable.  You can get better!   Much better!  We help you increase range of motion and eliminate excruciating pain. One of our arthritis patients resumed her quilting hobby at age 92!

Do You Have Headaches?


Pounding or aching, headaches can bring your life to a standstill.  We are experts in making them go away! Gentle, effective treatments customized for your unique circumstance will help you overcome the pain and feel like a normal person again,

Do You Have Back Pain?


Whether you have knife-like pain or a nagging ache, we will take the time to figure it out.  You are too busy to be slowed down by catches, sharp pain, locked up motion, or sciatic nerve trouble.  Our patients have returned to normal activity and avoided surgery by coming to see us.

Do You Want to Lose Weight?


So many health issues can be helped or even eliminated by getting to your preferred weight.  We offer FDA-cleared ULTRASLIM technology to eliminate fat safely and very quickly.  This is exciting, cutting edge technology and we are proud to be one of the few clinics in the nation to offer it!

Do You Have Allergies?


Is it true that the only hope for allergy sufferers is drugs and more drugs?  No!!  Our clinic has helped hundreds with BAX technology, an FDA cleared laser based system that re-trains your body to not overreact to allergens.  Tired of being miserable and ready for a fresh start?  Call us to find out more!

Have You Been Injured in a Car Accident?


Even a low speed fender bender causes damage, inflammation, and scar tissue that can haunt you the rest of your life.  Research has proven that chiropractic care can reverse the damage and keep patients from spending the rest of their lives with painful reminders of an accident.  We are experts in helping people like you recover from a motor vehicle accident and we want to help you!


Dr. Rob Schoon, Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Rob Schoon graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1989. A native of Vermillion, SD, he completed his undergraduate studies at USD. Dr. Schoon and his wife Peggy (from Kadoka, SD) were drawn to the Brandon, SD community as a great place to live and raise a family.  Schoon Chiropractic Clinic was founded on September 5, 1989 and for almost three decades, Dr. Schoon has had the privilege of treating thousands of patients.  He is licensed by the South Dakota Chiropractic Association.  He and Peggy are the proud parents of four daughters.  In his spare time, Dr. Schoon enjoys being with his family and volunteering at church.

Chiropractic in Brandon, SD

We are located at 700 North Splitrock Boulevard in Brandon, SD 57005 

Walk-Ins Are Always Welcome!

You can't schedule your pain.  It shows up when you least expect or want it.  We understand that and are always willing to do our best to see you the day you need help.  

We Accept All Major Insurance Plans!

Our office managers will take the hassle out of submitting insurance claims for you.  We are providers for all major insurance companies and workman's compensation.  We are also willing to pursue provider status for lesser known insurance companies if that is needed for our patients.


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Schoon Chiropractic

700 N Splitrock Blvd, Brandon, South Dakota 57005, United States

(605) 582-7333


Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 9am - 5:20pm

Tuesday:  2pm - 5:20pm

Thursday:  9am - Noon

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed

Testamonials for K-Laser

Check out this great video!

Testamonials Allergy Relief

Check out this great video!

Testamonials Allergy Relief

Check out this great video!!

More Patient Testamonials


From Anna:

I have been so very pleased with Schoon Chiropractic. I've had 5 sessions now. I am moving better, standing straighter, sleeping more restfully..the list goes on. The road to a happier 'me', was found at Schoons! I am greatful for the non-invasive techniques. I am not pain free...YET...but I see the light at the end of the tunnel...Thank you for all you are doing for me

From Paula:

Thank you to Dr. Schoon & his staff for excellent care. I have  found help, when I thought I would have to live like this, with some  severe sensitivities to many things. I am eating more variety than I could before I started BAX treatments with him. This is a very special place & they really care about your life. Sensitive to your needs. Thank you, Dr. Schoon.

From Paige:

I left feeling tons better. He even stayed late for me to do a walk in!

From Alec:

Hated going to the chiropractor, until I tried Dr. Schoon, never felt better, and wouldn't go anywhere else.  Great guy who only cares about what's best for you.

From Andrew:

Rob Schoon is the best Chiropractor in the Midwest. Healed my discs, which cannot be healed according to science, broken back, numerous fractured bones, and torn cartilage throughout my wild childhood.

Special Therapy Technologies!


K Laser

Class IV K-Laser Therapy is an FDA cleared therapeutic treatment that manages pain and inflammation while accelerating tissue regeneration. Laser energy increases circulation, drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients to the damaged area. This creates an optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasm, stiffness and pain. K-Laser


Bax Aura

One of the greatest successes at our clinic is the alleviation of allergies and sensitivities using the BAX AURA. 


Photon Genius

The Super Sauna Photon Genius is a dynamic energy sauna that  provides more direct and targeted harmonic energy infrared (including  full spectrum) than any infrared sauna in the world. This combination importantly helps the body produce more nitric oxide (NO), the “miracle molecule” which  helps preserve the elasticity of all the vessels in the body, because  it is a “signaling molecule” that tells the blood vessels to increase in  width or dilate. This has significant implications, because optimal  blood circulation is a key factor in virtually all health issues,  including Heart Disease, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity,  Arthritis, Anti-Aging, etc.  Photon Genius

Ultraslim Technology!!

Easy, Relaxing, Healthy, immediate Fat Loss


Over 90% of Patients lose at least two inches per session!


Ask about our special pricing  offers!!

Not just for inch loss, Ultraslim can tone other areas !!


Less expensive

 and much healthier than surgery!